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National Climate Torch Relay: Fitzroy - Brunswick - Northcote

organised by getup... link:

The torch is lemon powered (acid battery), solar powered & wind powered!!

The Queen of Brunswick, Barb Wire will be receiving the torch from the Mayor of City of Yarra at Fitzroy town Hall 12.30pm Saturday 30.08.08.

Then the 'Queen of Brunswick', will be chauffeur ridden on a tandem bicycle to the Ceres environmental park with a large crowd of cyclists.

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NEWS - ANU release new forest and carbon paper

ANU's Brendan Mackey has release a new paper “Green Carbon - The role of natu ral forests in carbon storage” that furthers previous work at the ANU ion the critical role native forest play in storing large amounts of carbon.

The report also make this critical comment on the ultimate goal for climate change:

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EVENT - VIC - Tim Forcey's Avoiding Catastrophic Climate Change

The climate crisis is a planetary emergency coming faster than anyone thought. There will be millions of climate refugees, unless we act fast.

Come to Tim Forcey's audio-visual presentation called, 'Avoiding Catastrophic Climate Change,' at the Hercus Theatre, physics building, Melbourne University, Parkville, (near the corner of Swanston & Elgin Streets)

Sunday 31st August, 7.30pm – 8.45pm.

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EVENT - VIC - Melbourne University Annual Public Debate

Topic: That economic growth must be sacrificed to stop climate change.

Professor Robyn Eckersley
Chair of Political Science at Melbourne
Sue Pennicuik
Victorian Greens MLC
Shaun Murray
Friends of the Earth

Gavin Jennings
Victorian Minister for Climate Change
and the Environment
Dr Peter Christoff
Coordinator of Environmental Studies
at Melbourne University and Vice-
President of the Australian
Conservation Foundation
Adrian Whitehead
Target 300

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BENEFIT- VIC - Anti Nuclear Comedy Debate


A great night of laughs for a very important cause.

Some of Melbournes best live comedians go head to head in a comedy debate arguing the hilarious idea that nuclear power reactors are used in heaven

All monies raised will be used to further Nuclear Free Australia's community campaign against the dirty and dangerous nuclear industry in Australia.

When: Thur Sept 4th at The Northcote Social Club 8pm

Moderator: Damian Callinan


Sammy J
Christina Adams
Dave Thornton

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BENEFIT- VIC - Dinner for the Camp for Climate Action

You've been invited to a fundraising dinner for the Camp for Climate Action. This event will be a wonderful opportunity to share experiences and reflect on Australia's first Camp for Climate Action which peacefully blockaded the world's largest coal exporting port.

When: Sunday August 24th from 6pm
Where: Lentil As Anything at the Collingwood Convent in Abbotsford
How do I get there? See:

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EVENT - Climate Justice Seminar - Melb-

Date: Saturday 2 August

Time: 10.45am-5pm (register from 10.30am )

Venue: Public Lecture Theatre, Old Arts Building, University of Melbourne (See map attached)

Lunch available

Stalls from campaign groups welcome

See Website

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NEWS - Al Gore catches up with the Zero Emission line calling for 100% renewable grid in 10 years

Al Gore has finally caught up with the position of the Zero Emission Network and many of our groups such as Beyond Zero Emissions and Green Leap Strategic Institute have been calling for for a number of years.

He is call for the USA produce 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years. It's achievable, affordable and necessary. And we need to make this break from past habits and old ways of thinking.

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ACTION - Arrests at Garrett Office for Climate and TAS Forest Protest

5 Tasmanian forest activists arrested during peaceful Sydney protest

5 Tasmanian forest activists have been arrested today, after a heavy handed police response to this morning's peaceful occupation of Peter Garrett's Maroubra office.

"This morning's protest highlighting community outrage at the ongoing destruction of Tasmania's irreplaceable ancient forests was completely peaceful" said Still Wild Still Threatened spokesperson Ula Majewski.

"We are advocates of non-violent direct action and such a heavy handed response by Police was completely unnecessary" she said.

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NEWS - Climate Code Red in Shops NOW!

Climate Code Red" is a superb, visionary blueprint for development in a new century which tackles the tough questions of how humanity can, in practice, rapidly secure a sustainable future. But it is also a work in progress, a draft strategy, which is primed to be shaped and developed by those who step up to meet the challenge we all now face."
-- Professor Barry W. Brook,
Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change, Director,
Research Institute for Climate Change and Sustainability,
The University of Adelaide

CLIMATE CODE RED: the case for emergency action

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