EVENT VIC - Nov 23 Rally in Warburton to Protect Our Water Catchments from Woodchipping

Sunday November 23,2008

11.45am Story Reserve, at the rotunda

Next to Swing Bridge (near the Tennis courts)

Warburton Hwy, Warburton

Melways Ref Map 290 A4

Just over 1 hour from Melbourne/15minutes from Warburton logging is scheduled in Melbourne's pristine Cement & Armstrong Creek Water Catchments.

On Sunday November 23rd at 11.45am, join the Warburton Community, the Yarra Ranges Shire Council, Melburnians and Environmental Groups as they walk through Warburton to demonstrate opposition to the logging of our water catchments.

Melbourne's water catchments are being logged at an alarming rate over time with water losses equal to 68,000 households usage every year.

Melbourne and regional Victoria are facing dramatic drought conditions and worsening with climate change with 30% less water flowing into streams.

Logging is taking place in these catchments to provide woodchips to make paper and this logging is being heavily subsidised by taxpayers.

50% of water yield is lost when a forest is logged.

Our water catchments are the most carbon-dense forests on Earth.

Come join your Yarra Ranges/Melbourne/Warburton community and celebrate the role native forests play in; providing clean water supply, regulating our global climate & housing a myriad of threatened species.

How to get there in a climate friendly way:

Train: Catch the Lilydale train from Melbourne and then jump on a Warburton bound bus from Lilydale station.


Catch the train with your bike to Lilydale and then jump on the Warburton Trail - this trail is 40 kms, so allow plenty of time to get to the rally on time. - http://www.railtrails.org.au/states/trails.php3?action=trail&trail=6

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