The Zero Emission network would be happy to accept your donations.

Donations cover cost associated with running the campaign including; web hosting, printing, t-shirts, stall fees, insurance, travel etc.

Donations direct to the Zero Emission Network are not tax deductible as we choose to be able to make political comments with complete freedom. Tax deductible organizations are limited in the type and strength of their political comments.

If tax deductible donations are important to you then we can arrange a non political project to be run through a member organisation.


Each of the below projects could be arranged as tax deductible project if required.

Philip Sutton

Greenleap Strategic Institutes's director, and co-author of Climate Code Red is one of a a number of Zero Emissions Minus campaigners who have been working without any significant income for a considerable amount of time and needs funding to support his amazing work.

You can contact Philip directly on Philip.Sutton[at] or (03) 9486 4799

Poland 2008

In 2007 UNFCCC Climate Conference, the Zero Emission Network represented by Adrian Whitehead was the only group publicly advocating Zero Emissions and rapid reduction of greenhouse gases.

This contrasted markedly with the positions of groups such as Greenpeace and Climate Action Network who were calling for weak goals.

We would like to take a larger team this year to help promote the campaign for zero emissions and rapid reduction of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Zero Emissions Now

We are always looking for funds to produce more "Zero Emission Now" badges, banners, stickers and flier which we can then distribute to our member groups and members of the public.

Donate Now

The Zero Emissions Network is run and funded by volunteers.

If you like to contribute financially to the project please use the button below.

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