Goals of the Network

Goals of the Zero Emission Network (ZEN)

1. To contribute to the reduction in humanity’s net greenhouse gas emissions to zero and below, to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases to a level that will enable humanity and our natural environment to thrive and flourish.

2. To create a network of existing and new groups to support the global campaign to reduce humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions.

3. To provide support for the membership of ZEN to:

a. Encourage and educate their membership to understand and participate at a personal, and broader level, in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

b. Adopt means whereby the member groups can reduce their own net greenhouse gas emissions to zero or below.

4. To advocate on behalf of the membership of ZEN in order that the broader community, government, business, industry and individuals adopt the goals outlined in goal 1.

5. To expand understanding of the way greenhouse gases (water vapour, CO2, methane, NO2 etc) are produced and released into the atmosphere, how humanity’s activities contribute to the amount of emissions and what individuals can do to lower their personal, community and national emissions.

6. To increase the membership and public awareness of ZEN.

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